The Charlton Loan and Scholarship Program (CLASP) is an academic, merit based, program that financially awards students who have successfully matriculated from The Charlton School or wish to pursue postsecondary education. CLASP gives preference for students, in the judgment of the Trustees, for which without such support could not afford such education. The institution that the student chooses must be eligible for Federal financial assistance, unless waived by the Executive Committee. The program works in tandem with the Gay Brown Foundation as well as the Anna C. Manley Memorial Scholarship Fund.  



Any student who is successfully involved in or has successfully completed The Charlton School program is eligible to apply for financial assistance through C.L.A.S.P.  Students must be enrolled and provide a transcript of their most recent grades, or have applied to and been accepted by a post-secondary program of study. 

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A student must apply for support from CLASP through the Executive Director of The Charlton School. The Executive Director will evaluate the application and present related information, including but not limited to, student history, summary of current grades, course of study, and personal information included on the application. A student looking for ongoing support through CLASP must apply each new term.

The disposition of the request, including the type and the amount of the financial support, is the sole responsibility of the Executive Committee who will take individual circumstances and other available financial resources of the student into consideration in their decision. 


or mail appplications to


The Charlton School


CLASP Attn: Karen


PO Box 47


Burnt Hills, NY 12027



Fax: 518.399.8195


CLASP Application MUST include the following information

  1. Completed application (please answer all questions).
  2. Copy of your college class registration.
  3. Copy of most recent grades.
  4. Copy of your upcoming semester schedule.

2021 Application Due Dates

January 11th
February 8th
March 15th
May 17th
August 9th
October 18th
December 1st