Students At The Charlton School/Ketchum Grande have the opportunity to learn and practice a wide variety of social, academic, emotional, and life skills through active participation in structured, therapeutic, and recreational programs. Weekend activities with peers and adults also strengthen confidence in developing healthy relationships.

Campus programs provide a safe, nurturing, consistent, and predictable environment where damaged relationships are rebuilt and new skills are learned and practiced. Students learn to make new choices that help them become productive members of their families and home communities. More

Extracurricular Activities

Animal Care

Charlton’s Animal Care Program is an important part of our overall treatment program. Students nurture and care for a variety of domesticated animals (horses, chickens, etc.) which strengthens self-esteem and facilitates their growth and healing. Students also experience privilege, responsibility, and the personal reward of success.

Sports & Recreation

Active participation in recreation is seen as an important part of a girl’s self esteem and growth process. Opportunities for creative physical activities, both on and off campus, are provided. There is also regular free time during which the girls pursue their own interests and activities. During the school year between 2PM and 9PM, students are offered a variety of educational and recreational programs. There are a variety of recreational opportunities on campus, including swimming, tennis, a climbing wall, mountain biking, in-line skating, working out, camping, fishing, and an Expressive Arts program. The programming at Charlton is designed to offer structured activities that provide physical movement and creative challenges in a healthy and drug-free setting.

Expressive Arts

The Expressive Arts Program at Charlton is visual arts based. Directed by Jesse Epstein, MFA, the program offers students an intensive, individualized experience in the Fine Arts. Students are guided through the stages of the creative process: inspiration/idea development, materials selection and engineering, technical processes, evaluation, editing, and critique. Our program is unique in that it focuses on the individual, exploring and giving voice to their experiences while challenging them with university level processes.

Community Service

Acts of giving and service to others strengthen self-respect and esteem, so Charlton students are encouraged to participate in a variety of community service activities such as volunteering at the local consignment/thrift shop or generously donating time at a nearby nursing home or animal shelter.


The Horticulture Program teaches students the basic responsibilities and skills associated with plant germination, nurturance, and care. The program uses our greenhouse and the science labs to prepare students and the plants for maturity and readiness to thrive in other environments. The plants eventually move to our many outdoor gardens, just as the students return to their homes, schools, and communities.

Featured News & Events

Rotary Donation

Rotary Donation

A big thank you to Burnt Hills Ballston Lake Rotary for their generous contribution! They hold a meeting in our pavilion every summer and we are always happy to share our campus with this club. A special thanks to the rotary members that have been volunteering in the...

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Fundraising Dinner ~ 2018

Fundraising Dinner ~ 2018

Our Annual Fundraising Dinner was held on March 14, 2018 at The Glen Sanders Mansion. This years event was attended by 300 people. It was a wonderful evening shared by Family, Friends, Staff, Board Members and Supporters of our mission at The Charlton...

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