Our Next Chapter.

A commitment to growth.

As we enter 2020 and our 125th anniversary we embark on a 20 year plan to reshape the physical campus of The Charlton School.

Thank you for coming along with us on this journey and being a part of an agency committed to fostering an environment that empowers students to grow and succeed.

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Therapeutic Arts Space

We are very excited to announce the launch of a fundraising campaign for the renovation of our Therapeutic Arts space. As you may know, our Therapeutic Arts program operates in our historic chapel building located on campus. This space has a great deal of potential, but is in dire need of updating after 50 years. Renovating this space is critical to providing our students with a welcoming, safe place, conducive to the intense emotional work necessary in any quality therapeutic arts program. Our renovation plan includes the installation of new energy efficient windows and doors, lighting and electrical, heating and cooling systems, flooring, the addition of a bathroom, kiln room and all new cabinetry.

All students on campus use this space at least on a daily basis for structured sessions, and also seek it out when they are in need of a quiet place to think and explore difficult emotions. This renovation is the first part of a more comprehensive 20 year plan that addresses the needs of our entire campus.
The Next Chapter of The Charlton School

We are thrilled to also announce a kick-off donation of $50,000 in matching funds from an anonymous friend of Charlton. We need your contributions to match that donation as well as additional funds to reach our overall project expense of $350,000.

You can read more about how we got here below

How to Contribute

We would like to recognize and thank our community partners for helping to support the Charlton School programs

Adirondack Trust Community Fund

The Charlton School was chosen as the David H Porter Memorial Grant recipient and awarded $2,500 to support this project.

The Community fund has been a significant part of achienving our mission since 2017 through their support of our Family Connections, Equine Therapy, and now Arts Programs.

Ballston Spa National Bank

The Charlton School received a $5,000 donation to the Chapel Renovation project.

Ballston Spa National Bank has been a significant part of achienving our mission since 2017 through their support of our Family Connections, Equine Therapy, and now Arts Programs.

Family Trusts & Foundations

Ruth M Bryan Trust Foundation

Spencer Family Trust

Warren Family Trust

A Long History of Helping Youth

Founded in 1895 by John S. Hawley, who grew up on part of the property, originally his family’s farm. He returned to the area after becoming one of NYC’s most successful business owners and a pioneer in the candy industry. He donated the land and $25,000 to open The Charlton Industrial Farm School for Boys. With a mission to reclaim boys that seemed to be destined for a criminal life due to neglect and poverty.

In April 1938 the “new building” that had been constructed in the first years burned to the ground overnight. Boys were relocated to other institutions or family and the nearly 300 acre property laid mostly dormant for the next 17 years. Only occupied by a caretaker and his family in the small brick house that currently holds our business office on the west end of campus.


Things took a positive turn in 1955 when the board of trustees and executive director Mr. Huddeston opened the doors to young women. Hawley Cottage, the Administration building and soon Clemens cottage were built. The Charlton School began their mission of providing education and a home for young women within the Social Service system.

The Charlton School Today

Residential Cottages, the Ketchum-Grande Memorial School building, Admistration and Business Offices, The Equine Learning Center, Chapel, Family Cottage, Pool, Pavilion, Garages and an original Barn.

Now more than ever The Charlton School strives to create a safe and nurturing environment that fosters growth in our students and helps them to succeed educationally, emotionally, and far beyond graduation.

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Recent Projects

The Work has begun in some areas,

but we’re just getting started!

Equine Learning Center 

We built an all new Indoor riding building with 4 stables, a large paddock and training ring to house our Therapeutic Equine Program. 


School Expansion 

Adding 7 classrooms and 3 offices to the existing Ketchum-Grande Memorial School building. Nearly doubling it’s size! 


Network Update and Technology in the Classroom

A continued project has been started to get our campus fully WiFi connected. Students are now issued a Chromebook at admission and they are used in nearly every class.

2017 – Ongoing

Student internet access is limited to instruction in school  

Family Connections Program

Contributions have helped support the use of a former residential cottage as a place for families to stay free of charge and visit their student to participate in campus events, meetings, and family therapy.  

2016 – Ongoing

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