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Right here. Right now. Things will start to get better. The Charlton School is a therapeutic learning community for girls located in Burnt Hills, NY, that is focused on delivering the right treatment in the right environment in ways that fit our students. Our unique program includes committed professionals and a carefully selected set of peers who can help your daughter feel safe, connected, and empowered. Learn more about the referral process





Who does well at The Charlton School?

Students who are:

  • struggling with anxiety or school refusal
  • fragile, guarded, or withdrawn
  • lacking self-esteem, motivation, or social skills
  • depressed, bipolar, or on the high end of the autistic spectrum
  • struggling with relationship or identity issues
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Our approach varies for every student.

At The Charlton School, our tactfully-engaged team approach enables each student to feel safe, connected to others, and empowered to take charge of herself and her future. Discover More

Our on campus education building, Ketchum Grande Memorial SchoolProvides high school curriculum and a caring learning environment for residents and day students. Learn More

Activities are designed to build confidence and self-respect.

Equine Therapy
Expressive Arts
Community Service
Acts of giving and service to others strengthen self-respect and esteem, so Charlton students are encouraged to participate in a variety of community service activities such as volunteering at the local consignment/thrift shop or generously donating time at a nearby nursing home or animal shelter. Mature and responsible individuals are also invited to work or volunteer with our students on-campus as tutors and visitation resources, or to provide supervised activities off campus.